The times have become a wealth of ideas to emerge or reemerge good business because everything depends on the prism through which things, where some see crisis, others see a good opportunity to see. And so, if you’re thinking of starting a franchise or want to convert your idea, product or brand in a franchise .

According to recent studies from 2011 to 2012 the rise of franchises increased slightly , this despite the crisis, among other reasons due to the dynamism of the hospitality industry and big ideas of entrepreneurs.

From Congusto franchisors are also catering business , we deal with the franchise and create. Creating a franchise not only means creating jobs and business opportunity, but also becomes a way of expanding your business .

Have an idea, got a franchise ! Congusto helps you

We help you get started in the world of franchising

A restaurant business must differentiate themselves and the client is not only fixed in price but also in image , quality , care , expertise in a specific product, customer loyalty or service received . These some of the points that Congusto works with clients .

There are currently countless franchises and brands, depending on your choice or you want to create will have to make a different initial outlay.

Develop and carry out a franchise requires careful planning and guided by one side to the client organization itself and how to earn income on the other side to support this type of business and its expansion. Therefore we deal with throughout the process of your business by creating added value that differs from the rest .

Congusto study takes your idea verifying their feasibility and potential profitability , making it a franchise project to develop. During the expansion process we help you develop and expand your hospitality business and more importantly , to maintain and manage your entire network.

As good business hospitality franchisors have a special for you, where we can offer our experience and knowledge acquired over the years, designing and creating your image and trademark ( letter presentations meals or dishes ) service, we seek a local that suits your needs , we help with marketing and financial plan and even if they want us to take over the search for qualified personnel who will carry out together with you a franchise .

Congusto , franchisors catering business

But if in your case your business does not go as you think it should go , do you think there ‘s something wrong or want to give back to your business, we help you from start to finish , you may already dispongas a business and concept proved successful and now want to turn it into a franchise, for you already have an idea developed great for you to expand your business and this is where we act assistant to franchise your business .

If after evaluating the pros and cons of turning your idea into a franchise , you’ve decided to remember that no two equal franchises so each one needs its own project and business strategy that will introduce you to the world of hospitality . If you’re looking for the best way to ask us to have a franchise. Congusto are a full service different and we seek the best for our customers. Ask for our service business of hospitality franchisors .


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