We cannot reveal what our secret ingredient is,
but we can add it to your Business to make it stand out among the rest.
Do you dare?



* We get involved and live the world of Hospitality to bring out the best of each Business sector.

* We have been in the Hospitality and Marketing Business for years.

* We like to see happy customers.

* We like restaurants with soul, with a marked personality.

* We have worked in bars, restaurants, hotels, central kitchens, franchises, travel agencies and catering services.

* We have visited restaurants in far away places as a hobby: from Barcelona to Easter Island, from Senegal to Australia, passing through Tokyo, Indonesia, Vienna or San Sebastian… to be able to bring home the most successful and innovative ideas and experiences in the Hospitality Business.

* We do things “con gusto” or “pleasure” and make them comfortable for you and your customers.

* We are not Consultants or Advisors.

* We never give advice. We implement first and then see the results.

* We do not write reports without working together with you and assess your specific content.

* We are not Chef Chicote, but his solutions, his kitchen jackets and his deep knowledge of the Business… are like ours.

* We are not Gordon Ramsay or “Nightmare in the kitchen”, although we have experienced some nightmares and know how to turn them into a successful dream.

* We are not the Maître or Chef of your establishment, but we help you to have a very effective one to represent your brand.

* We don’t call ourselves consultants or advisors, because it is not the essence of our Business.
* We haven’t found a name that defines all we do: is an innovative service; we are simply “Con Gusto”.


I studied the Tourism career because I wanted to perceive other colors, other scents and make new discoveries. I started working in Hotels in the Canary Islands and the United Kingdom. Over 7 years, I went through all the departments of the hotel ending my international experience, as assistant manager. I mainly worked for Holiday Inn (Six Continents).
I went back to Barcelona working as a restaurant manager for the Catalan company Angrup, where I greatly improved my knowledge of Catering Services and Management. It was there where my path crossed with Manel’s.
It made me grow a lot professionally, working as Director of Operations for the restaurant El Racó, managing the various establishments of the chain. When one works in the operations, one needs to know how to play all the instruments of the Orchestra. I trained workers, I did staff recruitment, I created trading accounts, applied marketing, communication between departments, implemented new commercial offers menu, I ensured service to the customer, the quality of the cuisine… and day to day problem-solving!
All this I supplemented with an Executive Master in Marketing Management at the Business School Eada, with a project on Social Media.
After both moving and having grown up professionally, my greatest achievement came to this world and with it, came the inspiration to create a new business idea. The fruit is the creation of this company that wants to put the best of my knowledge and skills in the service of your projects.

I have been attached to the Hospitality Industry all my life: I lived the craft since my childhood. Already as a twelve year old I recited fluently a long list of tapas and dishes. I know very well every corner of a Restaurant.
Although I studied science, I always combined my studies with the Hospitality Industry.
For years I learned about the world of Franchises, fast food and the delivery of mobile Pizza, managing several establishments. I received training at all levels of management, from human resources to systems.
I grew up professionally ensuring the operations of the Business.
I worked for thirteen years at Angrup, directing establishments first and managing complete Business lines later. With a large human talent in charge -up to ten restaurants- and many resources to exploit under my responsibility, I did not stop training and Professionalizing myself: training from finance to food security and always watching out for everything that will benefit the customer and the profitability of the Business. Also my culinary knowledge has expanded much. It was there that I met Sònia. She was my inspiration, and now, with Con Gusto, we want collaborate with you to make your Business better and get your projects to Succeed.


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