We all know that starting a business is not an easy task even more if it is a hotel business in which many formalities and paperwork , licenses , previous studies and other activities for which you have no time required. Thus the figure of a hospitality consultancy is one of the best investments in your business .

If you need to restore a consultant to manage your business going to be able to choose between different services vary depending on the specialist consultant you choose, but we can roughly bearings.

The services offers a consultancy restoration can be divided into two groups : the services offered prior to the installation of your business and the services after installation of your business that will ensure smooth operation of your business . Congusto as always , gives you the most complete service troubleshooting the problem where you have influence to obtain a solution and its subsequent monitoring.


Congusto consulting your options

Some of the functions that previously may need to implement your business include market research , where the chances of real market is analyzed in your area of service or product that you offer and the competition that exists .

We help you create your new catering business feasibility study and analyzing its possible return trying to increase sales and reduce costs.

A posteriori , once your business installed a consultancy as specific as Congusto hospitality will help you differentiate yourself from the competition initiating new sales and marketing formulas .

We will also establish a new financial plan and marketing , installing appropriate to your idea or business because each case is different techniques.

You choose how you want us to help you , for sure we will become invaluable to you and your business , offering alternatives to the needs that arise in day to day.

Sure you have many reservations that prevent you hire the services of a consultant , you think it will cost a lot of money and you also take a long time , but nothing is further from reality. It may be a certain time and you have an external and impartial view of your business without having him on the payroll.

Must think and choose Congusto hospitality consultancy is an investment in time to generate a good investment , organize your business and save time, because today more than ever a great knowledge required to do things correctly and also succeed.

Congusto, consulting options you’re looking for

Dare to try it! Congusto be like you ” Jiminy Cricket ” will guide you if you wish at the outset will design and create your image, menu card , seek qualified, your local … Do not miss this opportunity , as they did other clients .

But if what you need is to save your business , analyze the situation by locating possible errors committed and making a thorough study to generate an effective business model .

If after all this , I have been many doubts , it is because we need to contact us by e -mail or by phone, to do that, go here , our method will ensure among other things, an increase in your sales lesser term you imagine and you will receive a detailed report of the proposals forward.


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